Geauga Public Health
The Quality of Life Survey

Hello HDAC 2017,

All Geauga County residents are invited to participate in The Quality of Life Survey before October 31 to determine their thoughts on whether Geauga County is a safe place, a good place to raise children, a good place to grow old and more. The survey takes two or three minutes to complete. The information will help guide the Partnership for a Healthy Geauga in developing the Community Health Improvement Plan. This plan is a requirement for the accreditation of the Geauga County Health District, now called Geauga Public Health. This is the accreditation Health Commissioner, Bob Weisdack has been talking about for several years.

Would you have the attachment placed on your public entityís Website and any social media accounts. Before doing so, take the time yourself to complete the survey. The HDAC 2017ís involvement is needed at this time.


Erwin Leffel, HDAC 2018 Secretary
Thompson Township Trustee

Geauga County Residents
Your input is needed.
Complete the 10 question Quality of Life Survey

The information will be used by
The Partnership for a Healthy Geauga Community