2020 Census



2020 is the year of a census, it is very important that you participate in this activity. You can help your community by giving accurate data by various forms on line or on paper or in person when someone comes to your home. The data is used in various ways to help deter-mine the distribution of funds and various funded services in our area. Mailings will be in March and April requesting you to fill out your data. If you have any interest in a job apply now online @ 2020census.gov/jobs or call 1-855-JOB-2020.

We will host an informational meeting at our February 18 trustee meeting at 7PM at the Community House. There will be a Census Representative that is looking for workers and will also try to answer any questions you may have regarding the Census.

If you have any question or are interested in a part time job in Parkman collecting Census Data please come to the meeting.