Parkman's Overlook Cemetery
Street Address - 18145 Tavern Rd Burton Ohio

Dale Komandt - Cemetery Sexton

Parkman Township Overlook Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Approved September 21, 2010

The Trustees of Parkman Township have adopted certain rules and regulations governing Overlook Cemetery, which are as follows:
1. Cemetery’s normal hours are from Sunrise to Sunset.
2. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the cemetery property.
3. Any act of vandalism should be reported immediately. The Township Trustees will prosecute.
4. Veteran’s flags will be displayed for a reasonable time for Memorial Day. These flags are the property of Parkman Township.
5. Plantings: Trees, shrubs and flowers planted in Overlook Cemetery are to be planted under the direction of the Sexton and /or the Township Trustees. They become the property of Overlook Cemetery. All plantings are subject to the regulations of the township trustees.
        a. Shrubs or trees planted without permission from the Sexton or Township Trustees will be removed at their discretion. 
            An application to plant shrubs or trees must be obtained from the Sexton and approved by the Sexton or Township Trustees.
        b. All annual flowering plants must be maintained by the family/friends i.e. watering, fertilizing.
        c. Bushes with thorns, including rose bushes or creeping vines are not permitted
        d. You cannot place stones, slag or other material around the monuments. Organic mulch may be used.
        e. The Trustees and Sexton will designate land in and around the Cemetery to be used as Memorial Tree and Shrub areas, 
            where people can plant a living tribute. Plaques will be placed by the Trustees to designate these areas.
6. Fresh flowers will be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Maintenance crew.
7. No glass jars are allowed for flowers.
8. Artificial Decorations and Flowers are limited to a 12” radius around the headstone. They will be removed at the discretion of the Township Maintenance.
        a. Artificial flowers must be place in a non-glass container
        b. You must remove winter season decorations by April 1st to allow for general cleanup of the grounds in preparation for Memorial Day.
        c. The Township will remove summer plantings or decorations after Labor Day to allow for general clean up before winter.
9. No footstone will be allowed except Veteran’s Administration markers, or to finish a family lot where there are footstones already present.
        a. Foot stones will not be allowed on any lot bought after: ( effective Date)
        b. A veteran’s stone which is to be used as a foot stone will be a flush mounted plaque over the gravesite.

10. All monuments must have a concrete foundation six (6") inches larger in each direction than the base of the stone to be installed, i.e. a 12”x24” monument must have a minimum of a 24”x36” concrete foundation. The foundation must be in place before the monument is delivered. Foundations are to be installed by township employees or approved contractors.

11. The Sexton must verify deeds before funeral arrangements are made.
12. Cemetery lots will not be sold directly to funeral directors.
13. Burials
        a. Full Burials: concrete vault must be used for all full burials
        b. Cremains: Urns for cremains shall not exceed 18” in height. Urns shall be the permanent type constructed of marble, manmade stone composition, bronze or steel. 
            Pre-cast concrete urn vaults are not to exceed an outside dimension of 18” in height and must be used for a temporary cardboard or plastic urn. 
14. A grave shall contain the remains of a maximum one (1) coffin and up to two (2) additional cremains, or three (3) cremains total.

Any Suggestions for improving the Cemetery are welcome. The Cemetery Sexton, Dale Komandt or the Trustees welcome your suggestions for improving the Cemetery.
The Cemetery is a memorial to the people of Parkman Township. Please show respect.

Parkman Township Trustees