Parkman Historical Society

E-Museum Photo Collection

The Parkman Historical Society usually meets on the third Thursday of odd (3, 5, 7, 9) numbered month at the
Parkman Community House
Rt. 422 just 1/4 mile east of Rt. 88 / Rt528

The Parkman Historical Society is happy to share with you 
a selection of photos and stories from community members 
that show Parkman throughout its 200 + years.

If you would like to get a high resolution copy of any photo, go to one of our meetings and let us know your interests.  

If you like to send some of your pictures to add to this collection, please send it to  - Thank you for your support!


Parkman Township in 1899 -
All wood structures that burned down that same year.


Story of Parkman Ohio
and its first 150 years (1800 - 1970s)!

Coming soon - Parkman Ohio - the next 50 years!
Looking for any input to our story today -
Send your story to


Parkman 1838

Parkman 1873

Parkman 1900

Parkman 1927

Parkman 1941

Parkman 1965


Parkman's Original 1838 Zoning Map


Parkman Ohio
Historic Zoning Maps

Parkman 1975

Parkman 1985

Parkman 1995

Parkman 2000

Parkman Today



Rt 422 - A dirt road!

Parkman High School

Moore's Garage

Parkman Gazebo and
Central Park

Robert Parkman - Founder

Moss Mill located on
the Grand River

Justice Building/Jail/
Opera House Theatre

Parkman Post Office - still standing!

Moss Beach and the Lake
(now named Shangri-La)

Parkman Hotel

Downtown Parkman

Cromwell's Store

1982 Ground Breaking
of Overlook Park

Bill Snyder in Parkman's first Grass Jeep the he build in 1950's

Parkman Buckeye Band -  1904

Another practice session for the Parkman Buckeye Band

William H. Cromwell - Drum Major
Parkman Buckeye Band - 1923

Stella Cromwell and Minnie Mintern