Parkman Trustees
Township Committees


Township Trustees

Meetings normally are
1st & 3rd Tuesdays now at 7pm
 in the Parkman Community House

Jonathan P. Ferguson
(Fire and Zoning)

Roger Anderson
(Community House and Parks)

Dennis Ikeler
(Roads and Cemetary)

Fiscal Officer
Nina Reed

Trustee Meeting Minutes

For all Township business
call 548-2904.

or mail to:
PO Box 688
Parkman, OH 44080

Zoning Department
Meetings normally are in the rear of
the Parkman Community House

E-mails must have
residents name and contact info
to be officially answered .

Zoning Commission
(meets 4th Tuesday 7pm)

Parkman Zoning
Resolution and Minutes

Zoning Appeals Board
(meets 2nd Tuesday 7pm)

Parkman Zoning Board Needs You!
If you are interested in serving on the 
Parkman Township Zoning Board of Appeals 
or on the 
Zoning Commission
please send a letter of interest and list of qualifications to
Parkman Board of Trustees, 
P.O. Box 688, Parkman, Ohio 44080

Zoning Inspector

John Spelich

Parkman Township Zoning hours for 2018
Wednesday s 5pm to 6:30pm and by appointment if needed.
Phone 330-219-3698 or zoning office at 440-548-2480.
or e-mail at


Parkman Fire and EMS
Mike Komandt - Parkman Fire Chief

Fire/Medical Emergencies:
CALL 911

Training is usually the
 third Wednesday of each month 
7pm in Troy or 7pm in Parkman.

Anyone interested in volunteering will be welcomed.


Parkman Chamber of Commerce
Denise Villers - President
Patty Hall -Vice President

Sandy Rought - Secretary

Chamber meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm
 in the Parkman Community House.
We are always looking for new members.

Membership dues are $5 annually. Mail to:
PO Box 525, Parkman OH 44080

Parkman Paragraphs
Local Newsletter and Website
Cory Anderson - Editor


Parkman Cemetery
Dale Komandt - Cemetery Sexton


Community House
 & Overlook Park

Meri Lynn Klingensmith - Hall Coordinator
(leave a message)
or e-mail

Leave your name, contact info and a
brief purpose for the rental needs.

Click here for
Community House Rental Prices

Community House Kitchen


Parkman Road Department
Road Department Garage
at 440-548-8671

Parkman Parks and Recreation